Year 2016: Tag teams get ready for Summer Tournament

Is rugby for you? YES OF COURSE!

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Rugby offers a number of values that are essential in everyday life. Values such as camaraderie, passion, humility, respect, determination, commitment, teamwork, unselfishness, perseverance and loyalty are fostered in rugby. This is due to the format of the game: in rugby, every single player on the field has a role to play, and one can't play this role alone. Constant support to each other is necessary to succeed, hence the development of team spirit. Kids from ALL walks of life and ALL personality types are thrown together on the field and life-long friendships are formed!

Never played before? No problem, whether a younger non-contact player or an older tackle player; the kids are eased into the basics of rugby and safety is key. We ALWAYS have several brand new players and these kids are quickly integrated into the team and are part of the 'gang'.

You feel that your kid is too small? Too timid? No matter body size, shape, quirks or personality, there is a place for your child on the rugby field. If you want it, you'll achieve it. That simple. Take a look at South African Faf de Klerk, a diminitive 1.72m/5'7" scrumhalf with a heart of a lion. Every game he plays he is the smallest player on the field, but he is ready to take on players twice his size!

This is a very important point. We have ALWAYS found a position for ALL of our players, and given them substantial game time. The bigger guys & gals might play in the forwards, who can be slower and maybe not yet in great shape. The smaller kids may well start in the backline and try to emulate our guy Faf de Klerk.