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Year 2015: u11 team

How YOU can help us

We are a developing club with a strong community focus, and we all need to be on the same page with regards to the path we intend taking. Some of the more pressing issues are addressed below.

We need your help in developing our club and reaching our goals. Our pathway to success depends on your help. As corny as it sounds, we are a "Family", and our goals include developing rugby (recruitment etc.), as well as its values within the kids and parents; camaraderie, discipline, respect, leadership, teamwork; and just being well-rounded, nice people!

  • Recruitment:

  • The biggest issue our Club has is a shortage of number, especially at the tackle level. This needs to change, with your help. Our biggest recruiting tool should be our existing members; targeting your kids' friends, neighbors, team-mates, class-mates etc. Bring them over to try it out, for free! Other ideas are as follows:

    Schools: we have access to tens of thousands of kids, the vast majority of which don't know rugby even exists.

    • Football programs: what better pre-season can you imagine for football players! Summer rugby ends; and football starts. You arrive with good conditioning, more skills. We MUST approach the football programs and coaches and work out an arrangement. Ideally we would have a partnership of sorts; and an understanding (ie: have the football coach/program on-board with the concept, work together, they encourage their kids to come over to rugby for the summer - and spring). We could do presentations, exhibition matches against other clubs, practice with their football squad, showcase rugby, etc. Use of their email list? Many options. Take a look here at our study: how playing rugby helps football players. There are many articles and videos that support the value that rugby brings to all athletes.

    • Other school programs: wrestling, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball etc. AS ABOVE (Football). Not many of these kids play in the summer, or even the Spring. Football & rugby may have the most similarities, but we MUST talk to these programs/coaches as well. Wrestlers make the best rugby players!

    • School PE program: we need to continue to present rugby as a PE option to schools. Get the kids running around with a rugby ball, apply a few simpler training modules and encourage, promote & showcase the sport. Most schools would be amenable to this. And/or we do demo's, kids learn a new sport and run around. We hand out flyer's at the end and tell them where they can do this as a club sport. We can do this with your help.

    • School flyer programs: most schools offer opportunities for outside organizations (especially non-profit youth sport) to include flyers in their take-home packages. If need be we will print a thousand flyers! Help us to get this done.

    • School events: Back to school nights with recruiting table with flyers. Sports night and blanket the cars with flyers. Surely many other events.

    • School Parents Organizations: many schools would allow us to put info in their on-line newsletters and/or websites.

    Other CLUB sports programs: As mentioned above; for 'club' sports; same applies. Football, and other sports: can we approach these programs as mentioned above? Use their email lists to include a GF Rugby blurb? Flyers etc…?

    Scouts and other youth organizations: We have several scouts in our program. How do we spread the word? How can you help? Flyers, email lists, participation demos? …

    Embassies and their social clubs, social organizations, neighborhood networks: There should be a fair amount of opportunity here. All these organizations have contact lists and can reach out to their community.

    Community and Rec centers: If you are part of these organizations can you help spread the word? Swim / other casual recreation centers: email lists, flyers, posters, demo's, etc. Offer to include rugby as a Summer Camp option.

    Community outreach: The Giant and Safeway drives (table, posters, banner, flyers etc at the entrance) have been successful. We need to do it more. It is easy, and rewarding. Also need to target other community events (4th July, fairs, festivals, carnivals...).

    Bring friends! Next year, if we have 90% retention, and only ½ the kids bring someone - we will have 40 new kids out to practice. Yes it is a simple way of looking at things but there it is: it is that simple. Can you bring a friend(s)?

  • Sponsorship:

  • Reminder: we are a 501c3 non-profit organization. This will assist greatly in acquiring money to build a better program for the kids. All donations are tax-deductible. We need to explore all options to bring money into the program. ALL REVENUE goes back to the kids = more money to give back to the program = better kit, equipment, socials etc - and ultimately more people will want to come to Great Falls Youth Rugby. With enough money: no need to ask parents to supply the socials, and we could have an awesome all-included season-ending function.

  • Other assistance needed from the GF Rugby Community (you!):

    • Coaches and REFEREES. We always need help on the field. This is also open to kids, if they would like to get into coaching or refereeing early, now is the time. We will pay for the classes.
    • Team Mom/Dad, manager, logistics, admin etc: can you assist by taking over the management of logistics, socials, documentation etc.

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