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Year 2017: breaking through a tackle u15

Basic intro to playing TACKLE rugby

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Youth rugby in Virginia is played under two distinct and separate sets of rules for touch rugby and tackle rugby.

In VA we use the grade system so all players from grades 5 though 12 will play tackle rugby. Boys and girls play separately at this level. See below how the teams are broken down.

Our USA Rugby certified coaches carefully and safely manage the transition from non-contact to contact, and further nurture and develop our kids as they progress.

Youth Tackle Rugby intro

All Tackle rugby teams are either all boys or all girls. Again, these teams are broken down as follows:

  • Grade 5 & 6 (u13)
  • Grade 7 & 8 (u15)
  • Grade 9 - 12 (High School)

With rugby being offered year-round (at least with our club and some neighboring clubs), we are constantly monitoring the skill level of our kids, who join our club at any time throughout the year. Obviously there will quite often be a new kids joining tackle without any contact experience.

No problem, we will take him or her aside and work with him individually or with other inexperienced kids.

Safety is paramount to our programs. If a kid gets hurt and we were guilty of not showing him or her the correct technique, or shoving them into a contact situation without sufficient contact training, we are liable. Best case scenario for us is we lose that kid and perhaps other parents/kids who witnessed the incident.

We strive to avoid these situations, we strive to rather SAFELY integrate kids and their families into rugby's strong traditions of respect, fair play, and community – a community that enjoys meeting and socializing with other families and whose kids look forward to having fun with their friends.

Year 2015: Jackon breaks from the ruck