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Year 2015: good tackle u13

Locations and Schedules / RUGBY HAS STARTED

Click here for our Rugby/Club FAQ's Click here to register for 2020-2021

Registration is OPEN for Tag and Tackle players. Players, Coaches and Referees can join at any time during the year and benefit from our program: rugby is a year-round sport at Great Falls! You only need to register ONCE for all 3 sessions (Fall, Spring, Summer). You are covered for the year. This includes ALL AGE GROUPS.

The Fall Session is OPEN. REGISTER HERE. Go to our Contact Form to be added to our email info distro list.

Initially, we will ALL train for Touch Rugby and hopefully have competition with other clubs. Please view links below for Touch Rugby rules & info. We do plan on moving to tackle as soon as possible.

View Touch Rugby Video
View Touch Rugby Rules and Info

Location: Leo field, 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA
When: Tuesdays @ 5pm for "tackle"-aged kids, and Saturdays 3pm for ALL..


▪ Saturday at Leo field 9830, Georgetown Pike, 4pm-5:30pm
▪ There will be a check-in point (small manned table). Everyone stay in vehicles and move through the check-in point one at a time
▪ Arrive with masks. Maintain social distancing. Can remove masks on field
▪ Every kid will be screened, and temperature recorded. Can then go on the field, however:
   1) Maintain 10ft apart, no hugs and high 5's etc, and
   2) Do not share water, Wash/sanitize hands regularly or use gloves
▪ Equipment will be cleaned and sanitized during breaks
▪ Practice: will no contact, remain 10 feet apart: ball handling drills etc.
▪ Supplies, thermometers, sanitizer, gloves etc will be provided
▪ Prior, during and after: please maintain social distancing!!


1) Review FULL Return to Play Summary Guidelines HERE
2) Review COVID Symptoms, Recommendations etc HERE
3) PRIOR TO PLAY: NEW PLAYERS: we will need a waiver completed HERE

Tackle players are broken down into 3 groups:

u13(Gr5&6), u15(Gr7&8) and High School (Gr9-12)

TAG players can play up to u13 is you so desire.

Tag/non-contact players are broken down into 3 groups:

u7(Prek/K), u9(Gr1&2), and u11(Gr3&4)

Questions: send an email

Year 2011: the initial pioneers having fun!