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Year 2013: High school competing at the breakdown

We need coaching and refereeing help!

We always need help on the coaching and refereeing front! Parents and anyone else who are interested can jump in. This includes kids who want to expand their rugby horizons. New to rugby? That is fine, you will learn on the field and during coach/ref courses.

On this page you will find coaching information and guidelines, and more importantly, how to get certified. To coach TAG (u7, u9, u11) you will need to pass the on-line Level 100 certification. For Tackle (u13 and above) you will need to complete the Level 200 certification. There are various ref courses as well.

First please read the Coaching Plan page.

For Youth TAG rugby coaching:

Please take a look at the resources below.

For Youth TACKLE rugby coaching:

Please take a look at the resources below.
  • Newbies and to catch up: please read Basic rugby for beginners
  • Review the Tackle Full Laws modified for youth rugby.
  • Register yourself with USA Rugby HERE, selecting Great Falls Youth Boys or High School as your club.
  • The Level 100 course above is a prerequisite, complete that before you go to the L200 course.
  • The L200 course is usually a full day attendance at a USA Rugby approved location, with certified instructors. Course listings are posted as they become available. Send us an email HERE.
  • Similarly, L300 courses become available and are posted. Let us know if interested.

Further resources to further your rugby education:

Year 2011: Our pioneers in action!