The game of rugby, although technically a little complicated, can easily be played by beginners. Many positions do not require a vast understanding of rugby to allow a player to enjoy the game. The fastest way to learn is to simply come out and play the game, with the guidance of your coaches. And then learn the many skills, laws, techniques to turn you into an accomplished player. This page will help give you an understanding and a visual that you can take onto the pitch with you.

As suggested, rugby is simple, but complex! That may sound simple - but there is one catch. In order to go forward, the ball must be passed backwards. The ball can be kicked forwards, but the kicker’s team mates must be behind the ball at the moment the ball is kicked.

This apparent contradiction creates a need for fine teamwork and great discipline, as little can be achieved by any one individual player. Only by working as a team can players move the ball forward towards their opponents’ goal line and eventually go on to win the game.

Rugby has its unique aspects, but like many other sports it is essentially about the creation and use of space. The winners of a game of Rugby will be the team of players who can get themselves and the ball into space and use that space wisely, while denying the opposing team both possession of the ball and access to space in which to use it.

In this 'Resources' section you can learn more about the various phases of play (tackle, ruck, maul), restarts (scrum, lineout, kicks) and improve your general knowledge of the game.