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Year 2017: 4th July Parade Great Falls

Rookie Rugby: targeting schools' PE programs

We are always interested in forming a mutually beneficial relationship with local schools and their PE and other Sport and After-School Programs.

Rugby offers a number of values that are essential in everyday life, values that play a crucial part in the development of boys and girls as they stumble (and are guided) through childhood and, eventually, become agreeable and fine young persons. These values are fostered in rugby in general, and particularly in our youth programming.

To achieve our goals, and as part of our community outreach, our Club is working to introduce rugby to local schools. We are looking to work with local Elementary, Middle and High School in the Reston, Herndon, Sterling, McLean, and Great Falls areas, to help share these values and develop the sport.

Our club, Great Falls/McLean Youth Rugby is a 501(c)3 non-profit youth, coed rugby club that plays year-round with close to 30 other teams in the Rugby Virginia league.

We have found that school PE programs are a great opportunity to not only introduce a largely unknown sport but also to find kids that really connect to the game. We could do the same for after-school programs and other programs (IE: Summer Camps etc).

We have also found that schools have been receptive to the introductory programs because most equipment is already in place, with the exception of rugby balls. We introduce the sport with a non-contact touch rugby program. USA RUGBY supports this introductory method. It is typical for girls and boys to combine in touch rugby - much like touch football. Instructors like that rugby is usually introduced into a class full of kids who have never played the game before. Most every child in the class is then on level footing. Principals love to see engaged kids actually getting physical exercise, and new sports modules that can be added for minimal cost are always welcome.

Our USA Rugby certified coaches would like to present the program at your school, customized to the school's requirements. Or we could demo a class to the PE instructors who could then take over the program. In all cases, we would continue:
1) to support the program,
2) to include instructional guidance, and
3) to develop the program with games and drills.

More information appears below. We recommend the USA Rugby Rookie Rugby module, as they offer extensive material to coaches. We look forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, working with you soon.

  • What is Rookie Rugby?

    • Rookie Rugby is the non-contact version of rugby developed for schools and communities (all ages, Elementary-High School).It is very similar to the method that we use for League play.
    • Two hand touch is used.
    • All players will run, pass, and score.
    • For boys and girls of all ages.
    • Play is free-flowing and continuous, and SAFE!
  • Playing Rookie Rugby

    • Rookie Rugby can be played in any indoor or outdoor open space.
    • Age and ability determines field size and duration of playing time.
    • Rookie Rugby is played between two teams of equal size, generally between five and ten players to a team.
    • Boys and girls play by the same rules and teams.
    • Game uses '2-handed touch' so little to no contact is made between players.

  • Athlete Benefits

    • Emphasis on continuous activity.
    • Promotes health and wellness
    • Teaches respect for self and others
    • Enhances motor skill development
    • All ages and genders can participate
    • Encourages good sportsmanship
    • Unique, easy to learn, and safe
    • FUN!
  • Program Benefits

    • Extremely low cost.
    • Revenue generating (after school program ..?)
    • Easy to implement
    • Instructional support available
    • Game can be tailored to meet program needs
    • Creates connections to a global community
Please let us know if you have any questions,
Gary / GFM Rugby

Year 2016: presenting rugby to schools' PE Programs

Kids at play