The scrumhalf is one one of the key strategic players on the field. They are responsible for linking the backs and forwards together, ensuring that both groups communicate and execute according to the team’s plan. The scrumhalf should be the team’s most accurate passer of the ball, a excellent cover tackler, quick off the mark, an evasive runner and a motivated tactician.

Virtually every possession during a game will go through the scrumhalf’s hands. You can understand that it’s critical that they make the correct decision with the ball. Additionally, the need to do this this quickly, even before they are in possession of the ball. That means, before receiving the ball from set-pieces (scum, lineout) as well as when you are running up to the breakdown points (ruck, maul). The alert scrumhalf is looking at opposition positioning and alignment, and communicating with his team-mates (often the fly-half) what play or move will happen next.

The scrumhalf covers a lot of ground on the field and needs to be amongst the fittest on the field. You need to be at the breakdown right behind the first couple of players to continue play quickly before opposition can get ready.

The scrumhalf must be able to pass the ball quickly, without delay, off either left or right hand accurately, to the receiver anywhere up to 30 yards away. You must be able to kick (work on being able to kick with both feet); mostly the kicks are over the scrum/lineout/ruck/maul. The scrumhalf has explosive acceleration, looking to dart through and/or away from opposition from the breakdowns and sometimes the set-pieces. Good tackler, not afraid to pull down a big forward.