The key elements to the modern, experienced-level hooker's game are line-outs and scrummaging, and because of the way the game has gone, he has to be like a loose forward in open play. A ball winner, competing at most breakdowns, ball-running, support player and good tackler. Tough and uncompromising, strong with a powerful neck, fast and skilled for open play.

The hooker is one of the key positions in rugby, requiring specialized skills at scrum-time, and especially with lineouts. Browse the media tools to the left to learn more about this position.

In the scrum the hooker is the organizer, they set their teammates, promote a solid platform for quality ball, and of course hook the ball towards their side of the scrum when the scrum-half puts the ball in.

Lineouts are the hookers most specialized task. This is the area of rugby that you will be most responsible for. That can be a positive or a negative depending on how well prepared you are for the task. Hookers are responsible for getting the ball quickly and accurately to the team’s lineout jumpers. This is one of the most difficult skills in the game. Practice, practice, practice!

In general play the hooker is know for their physicality around the field. Although perhaps similar is stature to a prop, they are usually smaller, very mobile, aggressive and good ball-handlers. YOu are in essence an extra loose-forward, with the goal of being first at every breakdown possible, competing for the ball, cleaning out rucks, taking pride in strong tackles. And on attack, making those extra yards to get to the ball as a support player, loving getting your hands on the ball and running into people!