The Number 8 position is one of the most versatile on the field. Most 8s are given free reign to roam the field plugging gaps anywhere on the defensive line and to pop up anywhere in the attack. They’re powerful and skillful ball carriers who should be able to pass off either hand both before and in contact. Browse the media tools to the left to learn more about this position.

The Number 8 must secure possession at the base of the scrum, carry the ball in open play, provide the link between the forwards and backs in attacking phases and defend aggressively.They are also usually used in the line-out to secure possession.

The best Number 8s will be talented communicatZors as well as solid athletes. At the set piece, they’re often responsible for calling plays and reading the opposition. They are the organizer of the team at the set piece, communicating between the forwards and the backs to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Physical and mental characteristics: Big in heart and stature, abrasive, strong while being agile and fast, with very good ball handling skills. Must be able to pass well off both hands.

Preferably have good leadership skills; strength, power, speed, agility, power endurance.