The fullback is often big, fast, agile and skilled at catching, passing and kicking. The fullback forms the 'back 3' with the two wingers, and work together on defense and attack. The 15 must quickly learn the ability to read the game and anticipate what happens next on the field. It goes without saying that, as the last line of defense, you must enjoy tackling!

On attack, some of the main duties of the fullback are to come in as an extra man in the backline and penetrate and create space and options for the outside players. From the set piece, this will usually be on the open-side to create an overlap. However, in general play, the fullback is often given free reign promote and exploit space on the blind side by communicating the opportunity to the scrumhalf and flyhalf. The fullback is always studying the opposition and communicating to his backline where an opportunity might exist for him to insert himself into the attack.

The fullback is by definition the last line of defense. In this role, they become the organizer of the backline on defense by communicating with the wingers, centers, and scrumhalf. Their position on the field gives them a unique perspective on the game (they have the best view of the opposing team's positioning and form of attack) . From this vantage point, the fullback shifts players around on the defensive line, always communicating with his fellow defenders.

The fullback often has to execute a range of kicks, some to relieve pressure, some to counter attack. In general, kicking for touch off either foot either standing still or while moving forward is essential at the higher levels. Younger and/or newer player must work hard at this, your team relies heavily on