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Year 2015: good tackle u13

Registration for Summer is open!

Due to the limitations of the USA Rugby registration process, we are forced to add TeamSnap to our registration process.

Note: the Rugby Year is from 1 Sept to 31 Aug but our Seasons are broken down into Fall, Spring and Summer. A players' first registration fee for the Rugby Year (which could be any time of the year) is $140.00, which includes the USA Rugby registration fees. This will be through the USA RugbyExplorer Portal. We have to do this because each member MUST register with the USA Rugby system and get thier USA ID number. These first-time registrants will also be directed to a quick TeamSnap registration to get on our books and enable team rostering, communication, etc. No charge for this.

Each subsequent registration for the following season (within the same rugby year, and after your previous seasons' USA Rugby and TeamSnap registration), will be $95.00. This will be directly with TeamSnap.

First time registering?

If this is the first time you are registering for the current Rugby Year, you MUST FIRST go to the USA RugbyExplorer Portal to register and pay ($140.00), and get your USA Rugby player ID. Make sure you select Great Falls Youth Rugby as your Club. Then jump to our TeamSnap account and register (no charge). You can only use this link if its your first time registering for the Season. If you have registered and played for us previously this Rugby year (1 Sept - 31 Aug), then go to Returning Player below.
Register with USA RugbyExplorer Portal ($140.00) Register with our TeamSnap account ($0.00)

Returning player?

If you have previously registered through the USA RugbyExplorer Portal (ie: in the Fall and/or Spring Season perhaps) and selected Great Falls as your Club, you only need to register with our TeamSnap account ($95.00). You must use this link below if you are a returning player.
Register with our TeamSnap account ($95.00)

Example 1:
In Oct 2022 Johnny registered for the Fall Season with USA Rugby and Great Falls through the RugbyExplorer Portal, and wants to continue in the Spring.
Action: ONLY register for Spring '23 via TeamSnap. Cost: $95.00.

Example 2:
Jenny did not play rugby in the Fall or Spring but is super keen to play in the Summer.
Action: She must register with USA Rugby, get an ID Number, and then register with TeamSnap (zero charge) for the Spring season. Cost: $140.00.

If you have any questions, please send an email

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