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Year 2016: u9 tag team gets ready


With VA now in Phase 3 it opens fields and opportunity to start playing some form of rugby. We understand if some families are reluctant to come on out, but we will be taking strong measures to reduce risk.

Please take the time to go through this message along with its attachments. We need your participation, input, and effort considering the rather extreme circumstances.

    Return to Play outline:
  • Every Tuesday & Thursday, 5pm-6:30pm at Leo field 9830, Georgetown Pike
  • Arrive with masks. Maintain social distancing. Can remove masks on field
  • Everyone goes through the check-in point: every kid temp-screened, data recorded
  • Again, maintain 10ft, no hugs and high 5's!
  • Stay in car until crowd dissipates, parents do not enter field
  • Do not share water, Wash hands (san. provided) or use gloves (provided)
  • Equipment will be cleaned and sanitized during breaks
  • Practice: will be NO contact, remain 10 feet apart: will do ball handling drills etc.
  • Review FULL Return to Play Summary Guidelines HERE
  • Review COVID Symptoms, Recommendations etc HERE
  • Are you in??!! Either way, PSE! complete the 2-minute survey HERE
  • PRIOR TO PLAY we will need a waiver completed HERE
  • I might have forgotten something! Questions; please email HERE

We put together a brief review of each season since 2012 which includes a recap of the Annual Rugby VA State Tournament, with some picture and details.

In 2012, our 2nd year, our Club started giving awards to players as a token of our appreciation of the efforts put in by the families. Take a look at the winners here.

Year 2017: after a big u13 victory


Some recent club news available below:

GF/Gonzaga teams4/27 @ Home Tournament: Great Falls HS pipps Gonzaga

Gabin LassusGabin Lassus named man of the match

Year 2018: shaking hands after an u17 game