Great Falls Rugby - End of season 2015

Well, so ends another season! It is going to be a little strange not having rugby practice! But, not for too long, look out for some fall activities coming up. Our annual get-together & awards took place 23 August, see the Awards page here.

Sponsor Shane van Wyngaardt

Ref Buzz

Ref Patrick

Ref Vinny

Mandy and friends from GF Fire
Thank you all, again, for entrusting your kids to us. Hopefully everyone continues to embrace rugby. All those tag kids are going to become fantastic, experienced tackle kids.

Thanks to the parents who were always willing to step up and help with the socials. It is not always fun to set it all up but it is very satisfying! It's what makes us a little different to other sports. Its a tradition we will embrace so look out for my emails.

I would like to thank our 3 referees: you may not realize but it is really tough to arrange home field tackle refs. We are lucky to have our 3 muscateers in Buzz McLain, Patrick Le Floch and Vinny Panigot so far we have always managed to have at least one show up and cover us at home. And now we also have our own Rich Babcock who is a newly certified ref.

Were also very fortunate to have medical coverage on the side of our field. You may have noticed that not many clubs are able to offer this service. Great Falls Fire Department has been at every home tournament and we are very grateful for thier support.

Shane van Wyngaardt from Indigo IT continue to support our crusade and is our biggest sponsor. A huge thank you for their continued help!

Please visit our Facebook Page to view our many albums and pictures covering the season.

In this our 5th year, we remained at just under 100 kids, which is still short to be truly competitive. This is especially true for the tackle teams. We DO need your help to develop our program and to reach our goals. We need your continued support and we will be reaching out to seek assistance with recruiting and building.

We need to work together to build this great club further. Please let me know if you can assist with our development!

We will be practicing and offering clinics and other rugby-related activities in the fall. Stay tuned.

All the best
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GFYR has set up a Paypal fundraising program (no paypal account needed/tax-deductible/501(c)3 non-profit). We need money PRIOR to the season starting to ensure that we have the full set of kit and equipment BEFORE the first practices and matches start!    READ MORE HERE

Rugby makes better football players >> Read our study here - how playing rugby benefits football players

REGISTRATION FOR 2016: OPEN   Players for 2016 cycle needed NOW! Ages 11-18 for Tackle (contact) teams. Also for Summer: Ages 5-10 for Touch (tag) teams and Tackle kids.

2015 Season-ending comments >> Go here to read about our successful 2015 season and our plans for year 2016. See how you can help with recruitment, sponsorship etc. Any feedback, send us an email here.

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