MEDSTAR National Rehab Hospital: Fall Rugby Tournament 2016

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Great Falls Youth Rugby, a non-profit youth rugby club serving Northern Virginia, is hosting its 3rd annual Great Falls/MedStar National Rehab Hospital (“NRH”) benefit tournament.

The tournament raises awareness of the programs at NRH and the great work done in those programs to improve the quality of the lives of their patients. Your participation ensures that the club can cover all the costs of the tournament and provides a meaningful donation to the Medstar Research Program.

In addition, we hope to introduce rugby to the community and invite kids of all ages, sizes, boys & girls into the rugby family.

Teams from VA, MD, DC. High School, U15, U13, and TAG KIDS.

Behind the library, at 9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls. Start approximately 9am, whole day.

Important dates & news

GFYR has set up a Paypal fundraising program (no paypal account needed/tax-deductible/501(c)3 non-profit). We need money PRIOR to the season starting to ensure that we have the full set of kit and equipment BEFORE the first practices and matches start!    READ MORE HERE

Rugby makes better football players >> Read our study here - how playing rugby benefits football players

REGISTRATION FOR 2016: OPEN   Players for 2016 cycle needed NOW! Ages 11-18 for Tackle (contact) teams. Also for Summer: Ages 5-10 for Touch (tag) teams and Tackle kids.

2015 Season-ending comments >> Go here to read about our successful 2015 season and our plans for year 2016. See how you can help with recruitment, sponsorship etc. Any feedback, send us an email here.

CONTACT US HERE >> Go here to contact us and/or give us your details. Keep up to date via email regarding GFR news & events, even during the off-season. Any questions and/or comments, please feel free to contact us! If you want to send a simple email, click here.

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