Great Falls Youth Rugby - Awards and All Stars - 2015

Great Falls Rugby u15 All Stars

This year we had only one player reach the final All-Stars selection. Parker Nugent, still U13, made the final U15 cut. One of our hardest workers, I predict a bright future for Parker.
The following players were nominated for JV All Star and continued with the squad, only to be released at the final practice. Trevor Babcock, as a 1st year JV player, will surely be back next year and expect him to go one further. Andrew Humpton, a complete rookie, was noticed and will also be back next year! Congratulations!


Great Falls Rugby Coaches Awards 2015

This year we again awarded MVP's and Rookie of the Year. The club members below were selected by their respective coaches to receive the award for the player that they thought had the best combination of skill, effort, dedication, leadership and committment. Congratulations!

U7 MVP: Ben Lett

U7 Rookie of the Year: Bobby Giordano

U9 MVP: Walter Gomes-Torres

U9 Rookie of the Year: Brendan Korn

U11 MVP: Parker Knowlton

U11 Rookie of the Year: Olivia Grant

U13 MVP: Diego Araneda

U13 Rookie of the Year: Jack Kunkel

Middle School MVP: Thomas Buxton

Middle School Rookie of the Year: N/A

High School MVP: Trevor Babcock

High School Rookie of the Year: Andrew Humpton

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